Facts about polythene film biodegradation
Using plastic waste to create energy
Power Station

FACT: Many food packaging plastics cannot be recycled either because they are composite structures of different plastics or they are too highly contaminated with food waste. In these circumstances, incineration in energy-from-waste facilities is a far better environmental solution than disposal.

BPI supports the concept of incinerating waste plastic to produce energy.

  • Plastics have an extremely high calorific value and are effectively ‘frozen fuels’ which can be released into energy when burnt. In fact, mixed plastics have an energy content of 9585 kWh/tonne which is 37% higher than coal and only 11-18% lower than natural gas and oil respectively. It is also four times as high as that for municipal solid waste (MSW) and twice as high as paper and newspaper.
  • Presently the UK incinerates only 9% of its MSW compared with 54% in Denmark and 40% in France. If all the MSW in the UK was incinerated, it would meet 5% of our total energy needs.